HubSync Gateway

Your single integrated platform.

Designed to integrate every aspect of your firm into a single, intuitive platform that will delight will your clients & employees.

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What is the HubSync Gateway?

HubSync Gateway levels the playing field for CPA firms, providing access to an end-to-end, customized audit and tax digital platform.

A centralized view provides:

- 360 visibility
- real-time updates & status reporting
- transparency
- increased collaboration
- streamlined interactions

All while offering different views for internal teams, corporate and individual clients.

Providing 360 visibility across the overall tax and audit landscape, it allows teams to navigate, unify, coordinate, and manage a coordinated approach, regardless of size, complexity or location.

Customizable tiles and branding give your clients a consistent experience across all your engagements.


Enable seamless collaboration

HubSync Gateway offers a consolidated team view, providing transparency and visibility through custom dashboards which provide real-time status updates to clients and greater awareness within the CPA firm.


Full range of
productivity tools

Improve the day-to-day monitoring and management of work with a full range of productivity tools, including notifications, recent activity, task list and progress tracking.


Powerful analytics and insights

HubSync Gateway combines secure data acquisition and collaboration, real-time reporting and analytics with the ability to drill down into data, and built-in visualizations to reveal valuable insights.


Streamlined client communications

HubSync Gateway provides clients direct access to their engagement team(s) with real-time messaging and industry news feeds, in a secure space that is available anytime, anywhere.

This decreases the risk of duplicate requests, enhances confidence and enables audit / tax tasks to be monitored in real time.


Access to a full suite of apps

HubSync Gateway combines a comprehensive suite of audit and tax apps into a single, powerful platform. Access and easily share documents, data and apps easily via favorites and quick links.


Integrated, all-in-one solution

HubSync Gateway is software-agnostic, and can integrate a wide range of tax and audit-related applications that are already in use. We are continually evolving our platform to consolidate information from multiple apps together into one continuous view.

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